The Regional JS Speaker Directory

As being the curator of JSConf, I see a lot of new names and exciting topics during the Call For Speakers process, but unfortunately we only have 20-24 slots available for speakers. If I could I would have everyone speak all the time! Luckily there are hundreds of JS meetup groups happening all across the USA and thousands across the world - it is an exciting time. We, the JSConf team, wanted to make a way to help these JS meetup groups connect with the people that register for the Call for Speakers of JSConf (US|EU|..) that might even live or work right next door to them.

And so the Regional JS Speaker Directory was born.

Initially this is targeting local JS meetup groups, but could very easily be used to help curate amazing local content for various regional JS conferences. For now, we are just gathering details about speakers, but we will be curating that list and providing them to regionally based meetup organizers as part of JSConf US 2012. This will hopefully get people talking with one another and allowing all these amazing talks happen across the USA and eventually the world. This is a pretty exciting initiative for us and for the JS community so anything you can do to help us would be greatly appreciated. At the very least, be sure to sign yourself up!