I am Chris Williams, known on the Internet as Voodoo Tiki God. If you do anything with JavaScript, you may know of me, but more than likely know of something I have created directly or helped to create. I do many things, most of the times if you look hard enough, you will find me hiding behind the scenes. Some of the things you may know that I have either created or been intimately involved with:


  • JSConf - Specially organizing the JSConf US events for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and the upcoming 2014. I advice/assist the other JSConf events worldwide.
  • RobotsConf - The first hardware conference for software developers and one of the most diverse and exciting technology conferences. Ever.
  • CSSConf - Supported the 2013 and co-organizing the 2014 event.
  • NodeConf - Co-organizer of the original (2011) NodeConf event in Portland, OR.
  • PyCodeConf - Organizer of the amazingly different take on a Python conference with GitHub.
  • DojoConf - Organizer of the first ever conference for the Dojo JavaScript Toolkit.
  • CapitolJS - Organizer of the first JS conference event for the Washington DC region.
  • NoSQL East - Co-organizer for the first ever conference focused on the NoSQL movement in 2009, Atlanta, GA.
  • Beer.js - Originator of the idea that user groups don't have to always be focused on lectures on introductory topics. Sometimes just sharing what you are doing with other similar mind individuals is the perfect gathering.


  • Author of the JS Community Logo that has become the defacto logo for the JS programming language worldwide.
  • Author of node-serialport the library that allows JS developers to interact and control the real world.
  • Author of postmark.js the library for interacting with the postmark mail service from node.js.
  • Author of the Conference Budget spreadsheet that is used by many indie tech conference organizers to ensure they stay afloat.
  • Vice President of Product Development at SaferAging, a company that deploys sensory networks into senior citizens homes to alert if they need assistance (whether to passive or active alert detection).
  • Advisor and developer of ModWedding a modern take on wedding websites.
  • Former developer of OurParents.com (the site has since been sold).


  • NodeBots - Defined, established, and supported the gathering of JS developers to build robots over an 8 hour day.
  • NodeCopter - Assisted with the setup and eventual worldwide spread of the amazing event known as nodecopter which allows JS developers to control and do amazing things with Parrot ARDrone2 quadcopters.

Crazy Ideas